• The Versatility of Shade Sails

    Shade sails offer the perfect combination of style and function. They provide sun protection for large areas with the option of permanent or temporary placement. They are increasingly being used as architectural features in a variety of spaces, with the added benefit of shade and UV protection.

    Shade sails can be designed and installed in any way that fits your needs and your property. If you get a lot of rainfall, then the sails can be angled to allow water to run off and drain away from your outdoor space. If you want to expand the shaded area, the sails can be overlapped at strategic places. The sails themselves can be produced in a range of colors and designed in a number of sizes. They can be installed temporarily, such as for a festival, or permanently to provide shade to a courtyard, patio, playground, or other large outdoor space.

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  • What Are the Benefits of Temporary Shade Sails?

    Shade sails not only look dramatic but they also provide effective protection from the sun to make outdoor spaces more enjoyable. Although some shade sails are installed permanently, they can easily be used temporarily for occasions like outdoor festivals and other events. Shade sails are only anchored at a few points, so they are easy to retrofit and easy to remove.

    Temporary shade sails offer many different benefits. When used for an outdoor event, they provide UV protection and shelter from the sun’s rays, making attendees comfortable. They are a striking design element and can improve the overall aesthetic of the location in which they are installed. Because they are so easy to install, they are an affordable way to cover large outdoor areas without the need for extensive framework.

    Moran Canvas Products offers a range of options for shade sails in San Diego , including both permanent and temporary designs. To find out more about using shade sails and our other products, such as awnings and patio covers, call (619) 462-7778.

  • Should I Take My Shade Sail Down in High Winds?

    Sun shade sails are designed to stand up to the elements, but can they stand up to extreme weather events? When high winds are forecast, many shade sail owners wonder if they need to remove the sails for safety reasons. Here is what you need to know.

    Most shade sails are designed to withstand winds of up to 85 miles per hour. If higher winds are forecast, you may wish to remove the sails to prevent them from being damaged. Start by checking the wind rating for your shade sails. Some are specially manufactured to withstand higher winds. Also consider the age of your shade sails. Over time, shades become weaker. If you see signs of fraying or weakness around the edges, you may benefit from removing the sails in high wind events.

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  • The Planning Process for a Shade Sail Installation

    There are a few steps involved when installing a sun shade sail , such as tracking the sun and finding sturdy anchor points. These steps will ensure that your sun shade covers all the sunniest areas and that it will last for a long time. Here is a quick look at the planning process for a sun shade sail:

    Track the Sun

    The sun is the reason you want a sun shade sail, so the first task is to track the sun’s movements as the light hits different areas of your home and property. Analyze where and when you want a shade and determine where the sun hits during those moments. For example, you may like shade on your patio during the hot afternoons, or you want to keep your vehicle from getting the morning sun.

    Take Measurements

    While you are tracking the sun, take measurements of the areas you want shaded. These measurements will help determine the size and number of sun shades you will need for this home improvement project. Measurements will also help you locate anchor points on which to secure your shades.

    Find Anchor Points

    Anchor points are one of the most important parts of a shade sail installation. If the anchor points are not sturdy, or they are incorrectly distanced, then your sails could be installed too loose or too tight. If you do not have good anchor points already in place, then you will need to install sturdy beams to hold your sails.

    Choose a Sail

    Once you have finished the planning, then you can pick out your sails. There are many colors, sizes, and shapes to match your personality or the area you wish to cover. Speak with your shade sail company to find the best product for you.

    Moran Canvas Products understands the importance of proper planning. Our sun shade sail experts in San Diego, CA can help you find and install the best patio covers for your needs. Please call us at (619) 462-7778 to get started on shading your property.

  • How to Use Shade Sails in Commercial Spaces

    Sometimes, a commercial space calls for a dramatic, eye-catching feature beyond traditional awnings. One excellent solution is a shade sail. Shade sails are triangles or squares of fabric that are anchored at strategic points to create a visually stunning outdoor shelter. Sun shade sails shield passersby from harsh UV rays and rain. They can also create a beautiful outdoor gathering place.


    Whether casual or elegant, outdoor dining is always an attractive option for hungry customers, but weather can present a problem. Health-conscious diners might not be willing to park themselves under the sun’s harmful rays for an hour or two. And if it starts raining, your outdoor dining area will be quickly deserted. One possibility is individual table umbrellas, but these are problematic. They leave the spaces between tables unshaded, and they give an outdoor space a crowded, unattractive look. Instead, consider having a shade sail installed over your outdoor dining area. For an elegant architectural look, you could have two or more triangles of fabric overlapping each other.

    Public Pools

    Shade sails work well in public pool areas, especially since people at pools are more likely to be concerned about their sunscreen wearing off in the water. You can anchor shade sails over the pool itself, or have them installed over the lounging area—or both! Choose a color of fabric that complements the pool liner.


    Most hotels have custom-made awnings at the front entrance. However, shade sails are a great choice for the courtyard. They create an inviting ambience for your guests. A nicely shaded courtyard can give any hotel a more upscale look.


    Zoo patrons expect to walk around in the hot sun, but they probably don’t want to dine there too. Have professional installers put up shade sails over the picnic area to keep families happy while they’re taking a break from seeing the animals.

    Moran Canvas Products can design, fabricate, and expertly install beautiful shade sails in your commercial or residential space. Get started today by calling (619) 462-7778. You can also click on the “Gallery” link on our website to check out some of the stunning shade sail installations we’ve performed in San Diego, CA.

  • Where Can I Install a Shade Sail?

    Do you find yourself staying indoors because you want to avoid the heat and sun? If so, then you may benefit from having more shade over your outdoor areas. Keep reading for ideas on where to install a sun shade sail around your home.

    Over Your Driveway

    Now that the weather is cooling down, many families are decluttering their homes and organizing yard sales to sell off the items that they no longer want or need. If you’re planning to hold a garage sail this season, then you can help keep visitors more comfortable by installing a sun shade sail over your driveway. This setup may make your yard sale more appealing to potential buyers, and help keep you cool and out of the sun, as well.

    Over the Pool

    Many people don’t realize that sun protection is important whether they are in the water or out. Also, it’s common for some swimmers to forget to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, and others assume that they are protected from UV rays thanks to the cool water. Unfortunately, sunscreen must be reapplied frequently for it to be fully effective, and people can sunburn even in the pool because of the way that sunlight reflects off the water. To help keep your family and guests protected from the sun while swimming, consider installing sun shade sail over your backyard pool.

    Over Your Yard

    One of the keys to enjoying your outdoor living areas and hosting successful backyard get-togethers is providing your family and guests with protection from the elements. If your backyard and patio area is lacking in shade and cover, then consider installing some sun shade sails. These products can make it more comfortable for your family to spend afternoons in the backyard, as well as make your yard more inviting for party guests.

    Moran Canvas Products specializes in manufacturing and installing superior shade products. If you’d like to benefit from having a sun shade sail in San Diego, CA , then give us a call today at (619) 462-7778.

  • A Homeowner’s Guide to Shade Sails

    One of the most versatile and beneficial patio covers for homeowners are shade sails. These interesting-looking covers provide excellent protection against the sun’s harmful rays and are versatile enough to suit anyone’s personal preferences. Sun shade sails are also easy for homeowners to maintain for maximum comfort. Here is a quick guide to shade sails:

    They are versatile.

    Versatility is one of the greatest benefits of choosing sun shade sails. These patio covers come in a variety of colors to match any homeowner’s exterior décor and color preference. Shade sails are also available in different sizes to accommodate various areas, such as a lawn, swimming pool, or patio deck. Shade sails also come in triangular and rectangular shapes to cover the maximum amount of space and allow for an interesting visual effect.

    They block UV radiation.

    Homeowners should always be concerned with how the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which emit UV radiation, can affect their family and property. UV radiation can cause premature aging and skin cancer. It can also fade patio furniture, and cause damage to patio and pool decking. A sun shade installation can effectively block much of the sun’s harmful UV radiation and help prevent these dangerous and unsightly side effects. Sun shade sails can also cut down on energy costs when installed in the right areas around the house and property.

    They offer easy maintenance.

    Shade sails are quickly and easily installed by professionals, and they do not require extensive maintenance to maintain their integrity. It is important that the tension be regularly checked and corrected to ensure the shades do not become damaged during heavy winds or rains. It is also necessary to keep nearby trees and plants trimmed to prevent any rubbing or collection of debris on the shades.

    Work with the experts of Moran Canvas Products to receive a quality sun shade installation in San Diego, CA. We manufacture and install all of our awnings and patio covers to provide our customers with high-quality products. Please call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more.

  • Mistakes to Avoid with Shade Sails

    Shade sails can provide essential shade and sun protection to your outdoor spaces. With services from a company that installs awnings and shade sails , you will be able to create a shade solution that is custom-tailored to the dimensions of your patio or porch. As you are preparing for your shade sail installation, there are a few pitfalls that need to be prevented. Here is a look at some mistakes that should always be avoided with shade sails.

    Installing Your Own Shade Sails

    Even if a shade sail installation seems like an easy task to accomplish on your own, you should always hire a professional contractor to perform the job. Without the right anchoring materials and installation techniques, your shade sails could sag or collapse. A shade sail installation professional will know how to install your new sails perfectly and quickly.

    Purchasing Cheap Materials

    While you may be tempted to cut corners on the costs of your shade sails, you may regret your bargain purchase in the long run. Shade sails that are constructed from flimsy materials will be more likely to fade, stain, and wear out over time. A durable canvas material that is meant for outdoor use will be the best choice for your shade sail installation.

    Forgetting to Research Building Permits

    Your shade sail installer can help you determine whether you will need a special permit to complete your shade sail installation. Permits are not usually required though for residential homes, only commercial projects.

    For additional information about sun shade sails in San Diego, get in touch with Moran Canvas Products. Our company specializes in custom projects , and we can build you a gorgeous new sun shade that will keep your outdoors spaces cool throughout the summer season. To learn more about the benefits of working with our canvas company, give us a call at (619) 462-7778.

  • Reasons to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Area with a Shade Sail

    When you need a new patio cover, look at the many possibilities of a shade sail. With a shade sail, your outdoor living area will be better protected from the sun, and it will look more attractive with a colorful shade sail addition. Continue reading for more reasons why a shade sail will enhance your outdoor living area.

    They are attractive.

    Shade sails are attractive additions to your outdoor living area. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, which contribute to the architectural design and décor of your backyard. When you have spent so much time making your outdoor living area a comfortable gathering spot, you should not stop short by failing to cover and shade the area.

    They are large.

    There are several types of patio cover installations, such as awnings and Roman shades. Shade sails are large and will cover a significant amount of your backyard space. If you require more sun coverage, then you can install more shade sails. The different colors and sizes can complement and cover each other to provide your yard with the most amount of coverage.

    They are removable.

    If you wish to have more sunlight, possibly during the winter months, then you can easily remove your shade sails. Shade sails are typically clipped onto an eye bolt that has been screwed into a post. You can unclip your shade sail from the eye bolts whenever you wish for sun exposure.

    They block sun rays.

    You can reduce the amount of sun damage to your family and your outdoor living furniture with a shade sail. These patio covers block the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which will reduce sunburns on your skin and fading on your furniture.

    Enhance your outdoor living and entire property with the help of Moran Canvas Products and our sun shade sails in San Diego, CA . We also provide outdoor curtains and solar screens to protect your interior. Please call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more about our vast selection.

  • Areas That Benefit Most from Shade Sail Installation

    Shade sails are important additions to various areas around your property, such as your patio, playground, and driveway. With this beautiful and simple patio cover in these areas, you will experience less sun damage and lower energy bills. Continue reading to see the areas that will gain the most benefit from a shade sail .


    One of the most obvious areas to install a shade sail is over and around your patios. These patio covers create a useful and beautiful addition to your landscaping. By installing sun shade sails outside of your entrances and exits, you can reduce your cooling costs during the summer. Shade sail installations will cut down on solar heat gain—which will save you in energy—and ultraviolet damage, which can prevent premature fading of your interior and exterior furnishings.


    Playgrounds are another area that can benefit with shade sails. Playground equipment can become hot, faded, and degraded with exposure to too much sun. Sun exposure, from the sun or reflective equipment, can cause your children to sunburn or tan. You can reduce this damage with a shade sail installation over the equipment and around the playground. With one or more shade sails in place, your kids will enjoy their time at the playground, and they will be more comfortable.


    Protecting your vehicle should be a top priority. If you do not have a garage, or it is filled with equipment and tools, then a driveway shade sail installation is necessary. With a shade over your vehicle, you can protect your vehicle from fading due to sun exposure and other weather damages. A shade sail will also keep your vehicle cool during the summer months.

    Work with Moran Canvas Products to find the perfect areas of a shade sail installation in San Diego, CA . We can fabricate it and install it to your specifications. Give us a call at (619) 462-7778 to get started.