• Know When to Seek Shade with the Help of This Free UV Index App

    Awnings and shade sails can provide you with important protection from the sun’s rays. If you are wondering whether you need to seek shelter from the sun, download the UVI Mate app. This app complies information about your local weather conditions , and can provide you with an hourly report on your local UV index. When your app reports a high UV index, it is important to stay out of direct sunlight.

    To protect your family from exposure to the sun, contact Moran Canvas Products . From residential awnings to sun shade sails in San Diego, we offer a variety of solutions for our customers. Give us a call at (619) 462-7778 to start planning a home improvement project that will help to protect your property and loved ones from UV exposure.

  • Which Shade Structure Is Right for Your Business?

    Running a business is no easy task. In addition to providing a product or service that is superior and desirable, you must also take care of behind-the-scenes duties such as bookkeeping, hiring, and building upkeep. Adding a commercial awning to your business can increase your visibility so that new and repeat customers have an easier time finding you. A shade structure does more than make you visible—it can also increase the space your customers have to experience your business. Keep reading to find out which shade structure might be right for your business.


    An awning is a simple way of improving the look of the outside of your business. Awnings are functional as well as aesthetically attractive, providing shelter from sun and rain as customers enter and exit your building. You can adorn your commercial awning with the name of your business as well as your logo to reinforce your branding and marketing efforts. An awning is a smart choice for all types of businesses, including medical offices, accountants, lawyers, and dry cleaners.

    Sun Shade Sails

    If you need to shade a larger area outside your business, such as a restaurant patio, you may want to consider using sun shade installation. Shade sails offer a modern look and are modular, so you can move them around if necessary. They take up very little space on the ground, which means you don’t have to sacrifice valuable space that tables and chairs can occupy.

    Solar Shades

    Whether you work in an office or a retail store, the sun coming through your windows can affect your workspace. Solar shades allow you to cut down on the glare and heat that the sun’s rays create without obstructing your view of the outdoors. You may be able to save money on cooling with the help of solar shades, as well as protecting valuable inventory from fading in bright light.

    Talk to the shade professionals at Moran Canvas Products to learn more about how to choose a shade structure for your commercial building. Give us a call at (619) 462-7778 for more information about commercial awnings, solar shades, and patio covers near San Diego, CA.

  • Why Is Shade Important?

    Shade is often taken for granted, until you can’t find it anywhere. Once you install beautiful patio covers and awnings , you will never have to worry about finding shade again. Check out some reasons why shade is so important.

    Protect Your Skin

    In a time when cancer seems so prevalent, people forget to protect the biggest organ of their body: their skin. According to the American Cancer Society , skin cancer is more common than any other type of cancer. It may not always be fatal, but skin cancer can certainly be deforming if left untreated. Many people do not take care of their skin well enough, and many actually seek out the sun or tanning beds. In addition to wearing sunscreen regularly, people should take advantage of shade wherever they can find it. Installing patio covers in your backyard or sun shade sails over your restaurant deck will go a long way toward protecting people from skin cancer. If you have guests over to swim in a pool, or simply to socialize on your patio deck, offer them some sunscreen and the shade of your beautiful patio cover.

    Protect Your Surroundings

    Though you should always put yourself, your loved ones, or your customers first, you should also consider the cost that fading can have on your patio surroundings. Patio covers and sun shades can protect your wooden or tiled deck from fading due to sun exposure. They can also protect your chairs, tables, and any other features that can be ruined by continuous exposure to the sun. You can also protect the inside of your home by installing awnings or solar shades over your sun-facing windows. If the sun is allowed to enter your home, you may notice your carpet, walls, and furniture upholstery fading or becoming damaged due to the sun’s rays. With retractable or fixed awnings, you can control how much sun is allowed into your home.

    Keep your family, home, or business protected with Moran Canvas Products . We have patio covers near San Diego, CA, and we cannot wait to work with you. Call us at (619) 462-7778 to get started.

  • Unique Backyard Shade Ideas

    With the perfect amount of shade, you can enjoy your backyard at any hour of the day—no matter what time of year! With patio covers and backyard awnings, there are endless options to create shade from the sun in the yard.

    For nontraditional sun shade inspiration, check out this video. Watch the clip for more information on backyard palapa inspired cabanas that can transform your yard into an ideal entertainment spot.

    If you want to explore all of your options for backyard shade , look no further than Moran Canvas Products. Our solar shade professionals specialize in awnings, custom projects, and outdoor home improvement near San Diego, CA. Call us at (619) 462-7778 for more information.

  • Understanding the Importance of Shade

    Anyone who lives in Southern California knows how great it is to take advantage of the nearly perfect weather all day long. With so many days of sunshine and ideal temperatures, it can be hard to stay indoors. However, it is important to utilize sun shade and shade structures. To learn more about the benefits of seeking shade when outdoors, keep reading.

    Protect Your Health

    While sun can be good for your skin due to vitamin D, too much sun exposure can be damaging to your skin and eyes. To maintain good skin health, it is important to limit direct sun exposure—even when wearing sunscreen. Seeking reprieve from the sunlight with a shade structure such as a cabana or patio covering can allow for you to enjoy the benefits of the outdoors without the health risks of overexposure to sunlight.

    Spend More Time Outside

    Shade structures such as sun shade sails are easy-to-install fixtures that can allow you to spend more time outside. In warm weather, being in the sun too long can lead to dehydration or fatigue. Shade offers a cool reprieve from harsh summer sunrays and can increase the amount of time you are able to comfortably relax outside.

    Increase the Functionality of Your Yard

    When you have more shade structures in your own backyard, you can increase the functionality of your yard as you are creating more space to entertain, lounge, and relax. From a morning in peace to an afternoon of socializing and hosting, shade creates a comfortable space in your own backyard.

    If you are interested in learning more about the home improvement benefits of adding a solar shade in your backyard, its time to see how Moran Canvas Products can help you with your next home improvement near San Diego, CA. At Moran Canvas Products, we not only offer many shade solutions but we can also provide more details on why shade is so important. Call us today at (619) 462-7778.