• What Is a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient?

    Solar heat gain coefficient refers to the level of heat and radiation that comes through your windows and heats up your house. It is important to understand this number, because you can lower it and your energy bills by adding awnings and outdoor curtains to your windows. Continue reading to learn about solar heat gain coefficient and how to control it.

    As seen in the short video, heat gain can be combatted by installing energy-efficient windows and awnings. These measures will reduce the amount of solar heat that goes through the windows and heats up your home. They will also reduce your energy bills throughout the year.

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  • Understanding Solar Heat Gain

    Solar heat gain is an important contributing factor to a residential or commercial building’s energy use. It can cause cooling and heating bills to raise or lower, depending on the amount of solar heat in the building. To control solar heat gain, patio covers and awnings around the building can reduce the amount of sunlight that penetrates a building. Let’s take a closer look at solar heat gain and how it affects a building’s interior.

    Solar heat gain refers to rising temperatures due to the sun’s strength in an area. The more solar heat entering a building—through inefficient windows coverings or subpar window constructions—then the hotter that building will become. The hotter the interior temperatures are, the higher cooling costs will soon rise to accommodate. However, solar heat gain can be reduced with patio covers, such as sun shade sails and patio awnings. These coverings can minimize the amount of solar heat entering a building and reduce energy costs.

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