• The Sunbrella Design Process

    Sunbrella is one of the leading fabric makers for all types of patio covers, including commercial awnings and sun shades. Sunbrella fabrics are sturdy, cleanable, breathable, and offer unparalleled protection against sun damage. Let’s take a closer look at how Sunbrella makes their amazing fabrics.

    As seen in the attached video, each design or set of colors is completed in a computer program. This program delivers the design to the fabrication department. Employees work with various machines to create each strand of fabric and weave them into a complete design. These completed pieces of fabric are then made into the desired product, which could be upholstery, patio awnings, or sun shades.

    Moran Canvas Products has a great relationship with Sunbrella, and we are excited to offer their fabrics and products for patio covers near San Diego, CA. Call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more about Sunbrella and Moran Canvas Products.

  • Choosing Sunbrella for Your Outdoor Space

    If you want to make the most of your property, then your outdoor space should be as comfortable as your indoor space. The good news is that all you need to transform your property is the right awning. Watch this video on choosing Sunbrella for your outdoor space.

    Many homeowners are unsure what to do with their outdoor spaces until they learn about Sunbrella. This type of awning will protect you from UV rays, shield your eyes from the brightness of the sun, and even define your outdoor living area from an aesthetic standpoint. You can choose between fixed frames and retractable awnings, and you can expect your investment to last for the long run.

    The team at Moran Canvas Products offers awnings, sun shade sails, and retractable patio covers in San Diego, CA. You can always stop by our offices or call us at (619) 462-7778 to learn more.